A WALL BUILDING construction

Construction began June 2011, was suspended November 2011, resumed March 2012, and the project was dedicated 13 October, 2012.

The following organizations generously supported the wall project:

VT College of Architecture and Urban Studies

Chandler Concrete Company



Sika Corp



Steel Services

Structural Steel

Valley Landscaping

Blacksburg, VA

Christiansburg, VA

Rocky Mount, VA

Rocky Mount, VA

Lyndhurst, NJ

Florham Park, NJ

Richmond, IN

Roanoke, VA

Roanoke, VA

Christiansburg, VA

Numerous individuals contributed to the design, facilitation, and execution of the project including Bob Schubert in the Dean's Office, Brian Squibb with the BRDF, Professors Steve Thompson, Frank Weiner, and the rest of the graduate faculty, and various M.Arch students.

Mike Shooting_Crop1.jpg

Mike Cincala is an able collaborator, a willing second pair of hands, and a good friend.

Bill and Gabe_100.jpg

Professor Bill Galloway's encouragement, insight, and dedication made the wall project possible.  

He is the Mentor Exemplar.